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Why Choose Us

Outstanding Services
We offer prompt services with great adherence to high-quality customer care.
Top-Quality Cars From The Best Manufacturers
We provide a wide variety of reliable and qualitative cars, which are checked and inspected to ensure that they are safe to drive.
Pick-Up & Drop-Off Services
You are able to choose your desired pick-up location of your vehicle, according to your preferences.
Baby Car Seats & Booster Seats
Our baby car seats and booster seats are approved for use of children and they will meet your needs, ensuring safety and peace of mind for you and your children.
Manual & Automatic Gearboxes
We offer vehicles with both automatic and manual transmission, aiming to satisfy your needs and meet every requirement.
24/7 Customer Support
We are next to you. You can reach us through telephone 24/7, making you feel safe wherever you are.

Vehicles for Sale

Our company provides you with a wide selection of vehicles for sale, presented through the website of You can find them at

If you are interested in purchasing a vehicle, do not hesitate to visit the website and browse our vehicles for sale.


Our story

Having operated since 2004 in the demanding sector of car industry –through sales–, we have managed to build a successful and dynamic business. Through our expertise and extensive experience, placing emphasis on honesty in client interactions, both before and after selling a car, we still gain consumer trust and confidence, thus we have been widely established offering the most efficient services –our company’s top priority.

The quality and accuracy of our work derive from our passion for cars and our great respect for customers.

“What our customers are saying about us”

I sincerely thank AutoGr Grillias for their impeccable service. I was completely satisfied with the promptness as I received my new PEUGEOT car in an unexpectedly quick time. I highly recommend them without reservation and will choose them again in the future for rental, good prices, clean cars, and above all, impeccable service and guidance.

Marios Zafeiropoulos

“What our customers are saying about us”

An unforgettable driving experience!!!
For every rental or car purchase need, definitely visit autogr!
Mr. Kostas is always there to cover the most demanding miles!
Impeccable professional with excellent cars! Friendly environment! Affordable prices!
P.S. The little Peugeot 108 is lovely!

Rita Lo

“What our customers are saying about us”

Professionals in their field and very helpful!
The car they provided was in perfect condition although it was an older model, and we encountered no problems on our trips.
The guys also offered to drive us back to the city center so we wouldn’t have to carry our luggage!
We will definitely choose them again if we return to Chalkida.

Jason J
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